How to Prepare Fresh Blueberries

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Frozen blueberries are a refreshing snack on a summer day.

Although small, blueberries are juicy, flavorful berries that are packed with nutritional benefits. Blueberries have nearly zero fat and are a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin C. The health benefits don't end there, as blueberries are one of the best sources of antioxidants, according to the Blueberry Council. Blueberries are a popular ingredient in all types of recipes, from pancakes to salads. You can also wash them and eat them plain or with a bit of sugar.


Step 1

Look for plump and firm berries when buying blueberries. They should be dry and unbruised and have a smooth surface with a silvery shine. If berries are reddish in color, they are not ripe yet. Any blueberries that are soft or shriveled should be avoided. Blueberries typically come in plastic containers at the supermarket. Inspect each container to find the freshest berries.

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Step 2

Refrigerate the berries as soon as possible. You can keep them in the plastic container they came in or in a covered bowl.

Step 3

Wash the berries when you are ready to eat or serve them. You can now eat the blueberries plain or part of a dessert or snack. Pour a little bit of sugar over the blueberries for a sweet snack. Use them in yogurt parfaits, layering yogurt and blueberries. Put some in pancake batter for blueberry pancakes.


If you would like to freeze the berries, place the berries still in their plastic container in a large freezer bags or containers.

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