How to Make a Raccoon Tail for a Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • 2-foot by 6-inch piece of white faux fur

  • Black fabric pen

  • Bag of cotton wool

  • Scissors

  • Needle

  • White thread

It's easy to make a racoon tail for a costume.

Raccoons are curious-looking mammals that can be found across the United States and Canada. The creature features in many animated movies and TV shows too and even a cartoon. Whether you're looking to put together a kid's Halloween costume or need to fashion one for a role in a school play, you can make their fluffy, striped tail with a few simple materials.


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Step 1

Fold the 2-foot-by-6-inch piece of faux fur in half lengthways. Make sure the furry side of the fabric is on the inside. Sew the fabric together along the left edge and finish with a knot. Repeat on the right edge.

Step 2

Turn the material inside out, so the furry side is now on the outside.


Step 3

Stuff the cotton wool into the fur material until it is almost full -- don't pack it too tight. Sew up the open edge and finish with a knot. This is the basis of your tail.

Step 4

Using the black fabric marker, draw a 1-inch-thick ring around the base of the tail. Leave a 2-inch white gap above it, then draw another black ring. Repeat until you have filled the tail. It is now ready to sew onto your raccoon costume.


Instead of cotton wool, you could stuff the tail with old pantyhose.