How to Replace the Polycut Head on a Stihl FSE 60 Trimmer

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STIHL trimmers are lightweight and perform well. However, like most machines, they need replacement parts from time to time. If you need to learn about STIHL FSE 60 trimmer head replacement or line replacement, fear not. The PolyCut head can wear down over time due to the friction that using it on rough ground causes. However, keep in mind that additional nylon trimmer line will be needed once the string on the original spool has all been used.


Common Types of Trimmer Heads

This electric trimmer is designed for light to medium lawn work. The most common types of trimmer heads contain spools inside. Normally, you spool 6 inches of this line into holes that are in the trimmer's head. As you use the trimmer, the head advances more string (unless it is manual). Locking trimmer heads use discs that automatically replace the line with precut pieces as it wears down.


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Bump head trimmers are spring-loaded and have outside buttons. After the spool is loaded with string, the trimmer head can be bumped on the ground to automatically advance the line as it wears down.

The STIHL FSE 60 has a tap-and-go trimmer head and operates by pushing a trigger. When you push this trigger, the blade goes around. Tap the bottom on the ground and the spool feeds it more line. When the time comes for a STIHL FSE 60 trimmer head replacement, only purchase one that is specifically designed for your model, as other trimmer heads will not fit.


STIHL FSE 60 Trimmer Head Replacement

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When you're ready, turn off the trimmer, unplug it and turn it upside down. Holding it firmly, push on the cap as you turn it counterclockwise. When it springs up, take off the cap and cover. Then, unscrew the spring and spool in the same direction, removing them from the head.


Remove the head off its metal stub and push the new trimmer head in place. Next, push down on the spool and the spring. Finally, push down the cap and cover and then tighten it clockwise.

STIHL FSE 60 Line Replacement

The STIHL FSE 60 uses dual .080-inch cutting lines, which are offered in STIHL's Quiet Line or Premium Round Line product categories. For STIHL FSE 60 line replacement, turn the trimmer upside down, hold the trimmer head and turn the knob counterclockwise until the cap comes off. Pull out the spool and leave the spring in its original location inside the head.



Hold the spool in your hand and turn it around until you see an arrow. This is the direction in which the line needs to be threaded. Insert the line through the small hole that is in the top half of the spool and start rolling it in that direction. When you have finished this, lock the line in one of the notches. Then, thread the second line through the small hole on the bottom and wind it on the spool. Lock in its notch and trim both lines with scissors or shears.


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Pick up the spool and insert the excess line through the eyelets in each half. Return the spool to the trimmer head, place the cap, press it down until it clicks and then replace the knob. If you need more string sticking out, push on the knob and gently pull out more string. This length should just reach the edge of the bottom of the cutter.



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