How to Grow a Banyan Tree

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Things You'll Need

  • Growing container

  • Peat moss

  • Potting soil

  • Liquid fertilizer

The banyan tree makes an excellent potted plant.

The banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis) is odd-looking with widespread, aerial roots that give the appearance of numerous trunks when they reach the ground. It grows up to 100 feet tall and can cover many acres of land in its native regions of India and Asia. Given the tree's size and the fact that it requires very mild temperatures year-round, it is most often grown as a patio or houseplant. It can be grown strictly indoors or placed outdoors until cool weather arrives. In U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 10 through 12 it can be left outdoors all year.


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Step 1

Fill a growing container with a combination of 1 part peat moss and 3 parts potting soil. Plant the banyan tree at the same depth it was growing in its original container.

Step 2

Water until the soil feels very moist.


Step 3

Place the tree in an area that receives plentiful, indirect sunlight for several hours each day. Temperatures should remain between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit during summer and should not drop below 55 degrees Fahrenheit in winter.

Step 4

Check the soil often and water only when it is completely dry. Add enough moisture to soak the plant well all the way to the roots.


Step 5

Feed once each month, from early spring until fall, with liquid fertilizer mixed at half the recommended rate.

Step 6

Remove dead or damaged foliage as needed. Pinch the tips of new growth to control the size of the tree and encourage fuller growth.

Step 7

Transplant to a larger container every two to three years.


Irregular watering will cause the leaves of the banyan tree to turn yellow and drop off.



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