How to Use a Pasta Machine to Roll Out Pie Dough

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Things You'll Need

  • Pie dough

  • Cling wrap

  • Flour

  • Knife

Save time rolling out pie dough by using a pasta machine.

Pasta machines aren't just for rolling out noodles. You can also use them to roll out pie dough. Doing so cuts down on the tedious work of rolling, re-flouring the surface and rolling again. Pasta machines also help make your pie dough uniformly thick, resulting in an evenly cooked crust that is less likely to burn or break apart. Bakers must be careful, however, because it is easy to overwork pie dough using a pasta machine. Run the dough through the machine only once on each setting, unless a second run is absolutely necessary.


Step 1

Shape your pie dough into a disk that is no more than one inch thick. Wrap the disk in cling wrap and refrigerate the dough for at least an hour. This makes the pie dough easier to run through the pasta machine.

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Step 2

Set the pasta machine to the widest setting. Feed the dough through with one hand and crank the machine handle with the other.

Step 3

Repeat on thinner settings, moving down one thickness setting each time. Stop after no more than five settings (or before if you want thicker crust} to avoid overworking the dough. Dust the dough very lightly with flour if it sticks to the pasta machine rollers.

Step 4

Cut the dough in half width-wise if your pasta machine is not wide enough to produce a crust that covers the pie pan. Line up the long sides of the dough and press the seam together with your finger until it is fully closed. Lay the pie dough into the pan, trimming off the overhang.


Step 5

Use extra strips of pie dough to create a lattice. Roll the trimmings and leftover dough into a disk and pass through the pasta machine again, going through no more than five settings.

Step 6

Cut the dough into strips lengthwise using a sharp knife. Use these for the top lattice crust.


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