How to Demolish a Water Tank

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Things You'll Need

  • Electric jackhammer

  • Shovel

  • Wheelbarrow

  • Safety gear

  • Ladder

  • Bucket

  • Rope

Demolishing and removing an old concrete water tank may be necessary before you can install a new one. You can save money by doing the work yourself for this project by renting an electric jackhammer from a local tool rental store or home improvement store. Follow all safety precautions and procedures when operating the jackhammer to ensure you have a safe and successful demolition.


Step 1

Dig around the water tank with the shovel to expose as much of it as possible, if it is below ground level.

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Step 2

Put on recommended safety gear, including hearing and eye protection.

Step 3

Plug the jackhammer into an electrical source. Begin breaking apart the water tank by placing the head of the jackhammer near one edge of the tank and turning it on. Apply minimal pressure to assist the jackhammer. If you have to use great force to get the jackhammer to break apart the concrete, you should return it and rent a heavier-duty model.


Step 4

Break off a small chunk of concrete, and then tilt the jackhammer on an angle away from the tank to separate the chunk from the rest of the tank. Continue in this manner working from one end of the tank to the other. Use caution if you are standing on the tank, as the structural stability of the tank will become impaired as you demolish it.


Step 5

Scoop the chunks of concrete into a wheelbarrow with the shovel, and transport them to a motor vehicle. Scoop the concrete into the vehicle. An open vehicle such as a pickup truck is recommended for this purpose.

Step 6

Break apart the entire water tank in this manner. You may need to climb down into the tank to break apart the sides and bottom of the tank. Use a ladder or a bucket on a rope to lift out the concrete chunks. Be cautious of falling concrete when inside the water tank. Hard hats are recommended for this part of the demolition.


Step 7

Load up the remaining pieces of concrete into the vehicle. Drive the vehicle to a local "clean" dump site to have the concrete waste properly disposed of.



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