How to Remove Salami Casing

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper towel

  • Bowl

  • Sharp knife

Remove the casing for a much more appetizing salami.

Whether you slice it thinly and layer it in sandwiches or cut it into cubes for an appetizer tray with cheese and crackers, salami is a tasty and versatile food. This dry sausage is filled with garlic and spices, then aged in a natural casing. This casing is neither attractive nor appetizing, and you should remove it before serving the salami. The casing usually seems to bond with the salami meat with an unnatural strength, resisting all efforts to easily peel it off. Use a tip or two from deli owners to remove the casing.


Step 1

Remove the string netting or casing from the salami. Discard the string where animals won't get into it, as it is tempting for some animals and can be dangerous if swallowed.

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Step 2

Slice off the top of the salami to remove the gathered end piece. Slip the knife between the meat and the casing. Slit the casing from the top down to the bottom of the portion you will be using. Peel away the casing from the salami. If the casing is stuck to the meat, try soaking it in cool water to loosen.


Step 3

Wrap the salami in three layers of paper towels. Place the wrapped salami into a large bowl.

Step 4

Place the bowl in a sink and run cool water over it for 30 seconds. Allow the wet paper to remain on the salami for two or three minutes.

Step 5

Remove the paper and peel the casing from the salami, using the slit you made in it earlier.


If you are only using a portion of the salami stick, slice this part off to uncase and leave the rest of the salami covered, wrapped in brown paper in the refrigerator. If you cut off the whole casing, the uneaten part of the salami will dry out quickly.



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