How to Recycle Air Filters

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An air filter is a lightweight purification device that is inserted into the heating and cooling system in a home in order to clean the air before it passes through the system and into the home. The EPA website explains that air filters are important because they lengthen the life of the system in addition to cleaning bacteria, allergies and contaminants from the air. Polluted air is harmful to people if they experience long term exposure. Air filters can be recycled in order to promote personal and environmental safety.


Things You'll Need

  • Air Filter

  • Water Hose With High Powered Nozzle

Step 1

Locate the air conditioning and heating system in the home and remove the panel that covers the air filter compartment. Use both hands to grasp and pull the air filter out of the unit. Carefully place the filter outside or in a plastic bag until it can be recycled or cleaned.

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Step 2

Place a clean air filter into the system and secure the panel back into position. It is advisable to purchase multiple filters so that a clean or new filter is always available when the old one is removed for cleaning or recycling purposes. Read the label on the filter in order to determine when it will need replacing in order to ensure that the air quality in the home is maintained thoroughly.


Step 3

Check the air filter to see if it can be cleaned with a water hose and power nozzle so that it can be reused at a later date. The Sonic Dry Clean website explains that certain types of air filters can be cleaned with water and reused once dry. Cleaning an air filter lengthens the life of the filter and reduces the cost of maintaining the cooling and heating system.

Step 4

Log-on to the Internet and use a reputable search engine in order to locate an air filter recycling company. Recycling companies can also be found in the phone book. Once a recycling company is found, take the air filter to the location so that it can be cleaned, recycled and used to make a new air filter.


Step 5

Consider purchasing air filters that have been produced from recycled materials. The Filta Tec website explains that old air filters are thoroughly cleaned and then recycled in order to produce new and less expensive air filters. The quality of air filters that are made out of recycled material is extremely high and they may actually last longer than regular air filters.