How to Remove the Rear Seat from a Civic

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Things You'll Need

  • Ratchet

  • Six-inch extension bar for ratchet

  • 12-millimeter socket

The rear seat in the Honda Civic is composed of a bottom cushion and a backrest. The bottom cushion is split into three foam seats that all attach to a frame that secures to the floor pan. The backrest is a solid foam piece attached to a frame that secures to the sheet metal that forms the trunk shell. The seat back acts as the rear panel for the trunk.

Step 1

Locate the two levers at the base of the seat cushion on the passenger side of the Honda Civic. Pull out on the two levers to detach the seat cushion from the floor pan.

Step 2

Locate the 12-millimeter (mm) bolt secured between the foam for the passenger side cushion and the foam for the middle seat cushion. Use a 12 mm socket, a six-inch extension bar and a ratchet to remove the bolt.

Step 3

Lift the cushion up and out of the Civic.

Step 4

Locate the bar that runs across the bottom of the backrest. Now that you have the seat cushion out of the Civic, you can see the bar. Remove the three bolts that secure the seat back to the bar with a 12 mm socket and ratchet, and pull the seat back out of the Civic.

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