How to Make a Green Power Ranger Shield

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • Cardboard

  • Duct tape

  • Craft foam

  • Gold spray paint

  • Brads

The Green Ranger, also called Tommy, was originally a weapon used by Rita to try and defeat the other Power Rangers. The other Rangers were able to release the Green Ranger from the spell he was under, turning him to the good side. Because the Green Ranger was evil at one point, he had special powers, including the gold chest shield, which protected him from evil attacks (see Reference 1). You can make your own Green Ranger shield from cardboard and craft foam.


Step 1

Create a template for the shield onto paper. Measure the circumference of your neck and add 2 inches for comfort. Divide a circle with your neck measurement as the circumference in half. Draw the outline of the neck shield onto the piece of paper around the neck measurement. The shoulder shield has a straight back, rounded shoulders and comes down to a sharp point to the base of the ribcage.


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Step 2

Cut the pattern in half. Transfer the pattern to cardboard, and cut out the two pieces. Cut a 1-inch thick strip from cardboard equaling the circumference of the circle.

Step 3

Trim the edges of the cardboard strip so that the pieces taper at the ends. Cut the strip in half.


Step 4

Tape the two large pieces together in the front, leaving the back open. Tape the neck pieces to the neck opening of the shield, leaving a 2- or 3-inch opening in the front and the pieces separate in the back.

Step 5

Slip the shield on to test the fit. Make any necessary adjustments to make the shield fit properly.


Step 6

Add duct tape to all edges of the cardboard to reinforce the cardboard. Add a double layer of tape to all of the seams.

Step 7

Cut ¼-inch wide strips of craft foam. Tape the strips to the front of the shield to create bumps in the shield. The shield should have three lines of foam running from the bottom to the neck opening.


Step 8

Cut a diamond shape from craft foam. Stick it in the center of the shield in the front with a brad in each corner.

Step 9

Paint the shield with gold spray paint. Spray about three coats of paint for full coverage. Allow the shield to dry for 2 hours before wearing the shield.


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