How to Put Lead in a Staedtler .5 mm Pencil

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Staedtler is a company that produces writing instruments and crafting accessories. Its mechanical pencil product line is among its most popular. These pencils, which utilize both .5 mm and .7 mm lead widths, have an automatic reload feature that loads a new piece of lead when you have used up the current piece. The lead is stored in a canister inside of the pencil when it is not being used. Lead refills for Staedtler mechanical pencils come in a container that facilitates easy loading.


Step 1

Pull off the eraser or end of the mechanical pencil, depending on the model.

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Step 2

Remove the .5 mm lead from the lead refill containers and gently press it into the lead refill chamber. Some Staedtler refill containers are designed to facilitate easy refill by pouring the lead directly into the chamber.

Step 3

Return the pencil's eraser or end and press down on it multiple times to get a new piece of lead.


If the end of your pencil is broken or your eraser is stuck, press down on the pencil's end and slowly feed the lead through the lead sleeve.


If you release the end of the pencil while you are loading lead through the lead sleeve, the lead will become stuck.

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