How to Drill a Medeco Lock

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Things You'll Need

  • Drill

  • Diamond drill bits

  • Cutting oil

  • Straight-edge screwdriver

Medeco locks can be very difficult to drill.

Medeco locks provide better-than-average security for outside doors of a home. The pins are designed with locator tabs to prevent them from over-rotating. This helps prevent the lock from being picked using a lock pick kit. They are also made from steel, which makes it more difficult to drill than the average lock. However, if you are locked out of your home and cannot call a locksmith, then drilling the lock is still a viable option.


Step 1

Decide if you will drill the lock or drill out the screws. Some Medeco locks are made primarily of brass and with a brass face. This makes drilling through the screws holding the lock in place possible and possibly easier than drilling out the pins. If your Medeco lock is made with a steel body, it might be easier to drill the pins out of the keyhole.


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Step 2

Find the right sized drill bit and lubricate it with cutting oil. The cutting oil helps reduce the friction between the lock and the drill bit. Since you are drilling through very hard metal, a lot of heat will be generated which can soften the bit and cause it to break easily. Cutting oil reduces the chances of breaking drill bits and helps you drill through the lock. While drilling, if you feel the tension begin to increase, back out the drill and lubricate the bit again.


Step 3

Drill through the keyhole or where the screws are located. The screws are usually located halfway between the top and the bottom of the lock, and midway between the keyhole and either side of the lock barrel. When you have drilled out the screws, you ought to be able to pull or push the lock out of the door. If you choose to drill out the keyhole, insert the bit into the narrow end of the opening and slowly begin to drill through the lock pins. Since these are hardened steel, you will have to keep your bit well lubricated to prevent breaking. When you have successfully ground down the pins, you will feel a noticeable decrease in tension on the bit. Insert the screwdriver and turn the lock in the direction you would turn a key to unlock it (usually counter-clockwise).


Only attempt to drill a lock if you are the legal owner of the residence. Drilling a Medeco lock will destroy it.


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