How to Make a "Life of Christ" Bracelet

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 roll stretchy, clear jewelry cord (0.8mm thick)

  • 1 star bead

  • 3 round blue beads

  • 3 pearls

  • 1 crystal bead

  • 1 round wooden bead

  • 1 fish-shaped bead

  • 12 small silver or gold rings

  • 1 gold bead

  • 3 black beads

  • 1 cross charm

  • 1 red bead

  • 1 teardrop-shaped glass bead

  • 1 sparkle, iridescent crystal bead

  • 1 dove charm

  • 1 large heart charm or bead

  • 1 small tube craft or jewelry-making glue (dries clear)

Each bead or charm on a "Life of Christ" bracelet tells the story of Jesus' life.

A "Life of Christ" bracelet tells the story of momentous events in the life of Jesus Christ through different colors and shapes of beads and charms. Each part of the bracelet symbolizes Jesus' story, such as a red bead for "shedding His blood for us" and a dove charm representing Jesus "seated with the Father and the Holy Spirit." Creating a "Life of Christ" bracelet for someone (perhaps for First Communion, baptism, confirmation, or high school graduation) is a special, unique, and meaningful gift that the recipient will treasure forever.


Step 1

Tie a knot at the end of a medium-length, clear, elastic jewelry-making cord so that the beads won't fall off while stringing them.

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Step 2

String the star bead first, which represents the text, "One night, there was a bright star . . ."

Step 3

String the three blue beads next, which symbolize the text ". . . which guided three men . . ."

Step 4

String three pearls next, which represent ". . . who were the three Wise Men . . . "


Step 5

Place the crystal bead onto the cord next, representing ". . . to the birth of Jesus . . ."

Step 6

Add the wooden bead next, symbolizing the text ". . . who later in life became a carpenter . . ."


Step 7

String the fish-shaped bead next, which means, ". . . and a fisher of men and souls . . ."

Step 8

Add the 12 gold or silver rings next, which represent the 12 apostles ("He had 12 apostles . . .").


Step 9

String the gold bead next for ". . . who spread the word of Christ."

Step 10

Add three black beads to represent "But on one black day of hatred, envy, and death . . ."


Step 11

String the cross charm next, representing Christ's crucifixion (". . . He was crucified").

Step 12

Add the red bead next ("He shed his blood for us . . ." ).

Step 13

String the glass teardrop-shaped bead next to represent the text ". . . to purify and save us").


Step 14

Add the crystal bead next to represent the text "He rose and is now in Heaven . . ."

Step 15

String the dove bead next to represent ". . . seated with the Father and the Holy Spirit . . ."


Step 16

End the bracelet with the large heart bead ("And He did all this because of His great love for us.").

Step 17

Tie another knot at the end of the bracelet so that the beads will stay securely in place.

Step 18

Take both ends of the bracelet and tie them together, making a knot.

Step 19

Trim excess jewelry cord around the knot.

Step 20

Apply a small dab of clear-dry jewelry-making or craft glue to the knot, saturating it completely; let dry before wearing the bracelet.


Add one small, glass (seed) bead between each larger bead or charm in order to make a larger bracelet if desired. Some other faith-based concepts can also be illustrated in bracelet form by using different beads and charms, such as depicting the words of The Apostles' Creed or The Lord's Prayer. Presenting the bracelet in a jewelry gift box with cotton inside and tying it with a festive ribbon adds a finished touch to the bracelet gift.


Don't forget to print the words corresponding to the bracelet's beads and charms and include the text with the bracelet so that the gift recipient can see what each bracelet element symbolizes.


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