How to Remove a VTX1300 Seat

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Things You'll Need

  • Allen wrench set

  • Box wrench set

The Honda VTX1300 has a two-piece seat: the main seat for the driver and a fender pillion seat for the passenger. When you are not riding with a passenger, you can remove the pillion to give your VTX1300 a smoother look. If you need to access the battery compartment, you must remove the driver's seat. Honda supplies the proper Allen and box wrenches to remove the seat when you purchase the bike. However, if you do not have them, you can use standard Allen and box wrench sets.

Step 1

Locate the Allen head bolt behind the pillion seat on the rear fender. The rear portion of the pillion seat attaches to the bolt. Remove the bolt with an Allen wrench.

Step 2

Find the Allen head bolt on each side of the pillion seat. Again, the seat attaches to these bolts. Remove them using the Allen wrench. Lift the pillion seat off the rear fender. Take note of the two washers between the bolt heads and the sides of the seat. These tend to fall off when you remove the bolts. Do not lose them.

Step 3

Locate the bolts on each side of the driver's seat and remove them with a 13 mm box wrench. Again, take note of the washers and do not lose them. Lift the driver's seat off the motorcycle frame.