How to Fit a Pool Hose

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Things You'll Need

  • Male adapter (if necessary)

  • Hose clamps

Hose clamps keep pool hoses firmly attached.

A pool hose is involved in the connections between a pool filter, pump or skimmer. It can also be attached to a pool vacuum head for cleaning debris off the pool bottom. You may have trouble fitting a pool hose after introducing a new pool component that has different corresponding adapters. Standard pool hoses are 1.5 inches in diameter but you can purchase adapters to fit any size hose at your local pool dealer.


Step 1

Measure the size of your pool hose.

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Step 2

Check to see that the pool component has the correct size adapter for your pool hose. It should be just slightly smaller than the diameter of your pool hose. Your pool dealer can provide you with the correct adapter size to match up with your pool hose.


Step 3

Slide the pool hose over the correctly sized male end of adapter. If you are having trouble sliding the hose with very little advancement, try using a hairdryer or submerging the end of the pool hose in a hot bucket of water. This will allow the plastic to expand and stretch over the adapter more easily.


Step 4

Place two stainless steel hose clamps on the hose end that is to be attached.

Step 5

Slide the hose onto the male end adapter or component until tight. Tighten the screws on each hose clamp to prevent leaks.


To prevent leaks, you can wrap plumber's tape around the adapter end before fitting your pool hose.


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