Buttoneer Instructions

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The Buttoneer is a tool used to affix buttons to fabrics and other materials in items such as clothing and crafts using clear plastic fasteners instead of thread. Whether you need to repair a loose button or attach a new button to an item, the Buttoneer fastens a button in place within seconds. After you're finished, you can then wash, dry clean or even iron your materials as you would normally if you had sewn the button to the item.


Step 1

Remove the needle cover from the tip of your Buttoneer.

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Step 2

Slide a plastic fastener -- narrow end first -- into the slot below the tip until you hear or feel it lock. Slide a button onto the needles.

Step 3

Pick up your fabric in the same way that you would when sewing with needle and thread -- making certain to pull the fabric tight.

Step 4

Position your fingers on the curved finger rests and your thumb or palm on the end of the tool.


Step 5

Press the needles into the fabric until the button lays flush against it.

Step 6

Apply force to the end by pushing in until you hear a click confirming that you affixed the button to the fabric.

Step 7

Remove the Buttoneer from the fabric and repeat as needed with additional buttons.


If you need to tack materials together -- for example, tack the fabric of a hem in place in a pinch -- follow the same steps, but don't slide a button onto the needles.


Always pick up the piece of fabric that you’re working with to prevent accidental fastening of non-layered fabric pieces together -- for example, the front and back of a shirt when trying to attach a button to only the front.

The needles on the tip of your Buttoneer can puncture skin. Always use caution when handling it.

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