How to Kill Weeds in Monkey Grass

Monkey grass is a plant that you can use as a border between a lawn and flower bed, around the base of a tree or as plant bed filler. While monkey grass commonly grows close together, weeds and grass -- often Bermuda -- will often infiltrate the monkey grass. Getting rid of these weeds is essential to maintaining the health of monkey grass. Random weeds and lawn overgrowth can also result in an unkempt look for your lawn and monkey grass areas.

Things You'll Need

  • Small trowel

  • Weed killer

  • Pavers or garden stones

  • Sand

Weed Removal by Hand

Step 1

Separate the monkey grass leaves to expose the soil.

Step 2

Dig with a small trowel or tool to remove weeds.

Step 3

Replace the soil you dug up to avoid keeping the monkey grass roots exposed.

Remove Weeds with Chemicals

Step 1

Purchase weed killer that is safe for monkey grass. Many options are available at your local home and garden store.

Step 2

Spray the weed killer on the weeds. While OK to spray the monkey grass, focus on the weeds.

Step 3

Remove the dead weeds by hand. Be sure to pull out the root as well.

Weed Prevention

Step 1

Create a separation between the monkey grass bed and your lawn or other areas.

Step 2

Smooth and tamp down the soil so it is level.

Step 3

Place pavers or garden stones in the level soil to create a barrier.

Step 4

Add sand to fill in the space between the pavers.


Preventing weeds can help reduce the negative impact on the monkey grass. Planting monkey grass close together can also create a stronger root system.


Always be safe when using chemicals. Wash your hands after using and keep animals and children away from freshly sprayed chemicals.