How to Open Mosler Combination Locks

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The Mosler Safe Company, founded in 1867 by Gustav Mosler in Cincinnati, makes locks, safes, and bank vaults, including the vault at Fort Knox, Kentucky, where the United States government stores gold. Mosler combination locks attach to the door of a safe or other container or piece of equipment that needs to be kept secure. You will need to know the combination before you can open the lock.


Step 1

Turn the dial counterclockwise four times, until you reach first number of your combination.

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Step 2

Turn the dial clockwise three times, until you reach the second number of your combination.

Step 3

Turn the dial counterclockwise two times, until you reach the third number of your combination.

Step 4

Turn the dial clockwise and pause briefly at zero, then resume turning until it stops. The locking bolt retracts, opening the lock.

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