My Mini Cooper Won't Start

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There are a few simple things to check if your Mini Cooper won't start.

The Mini Cooper is a compact, fuel-efficient vehicle that was designed in response to the Suez oil crisis of 1956. The Classic Mini debuted three years later in 1959. Currently, the Mini Cooper is manufactured by BMW under the MINI brand, but still contains many qualities of the Classic Mini. Like any other vehicle, the Mini can sometimes have problems starting and may require troubleshooting. Before calling in a professional mechanic or having your Mini Cooper towed to a dealership, there are certain things that you can check to save time and money.

Step 1

Put your key in the ignition switch of your Mini Cooper and attempt to turn it. If the key will not turn, then the steering wheel may not be locked, which is necessary to start the car. Adjust the steering wheel so that it is in the locked position and try to turn the key again.

Step 2

Check the fuel level of the Mini Cooper. Turn the key to the "Accessories" position and observe the fuel gauge. If the fuel is low, the fuel light will turn on. Additionally, if you are unsure if the fuel gauge is accurate, add one gallon of gas to the Mini and try to start the engine again.

Step 3

Turn on the headlights or interior lights while the key is in the "Accessories" position. If the lights do not turn on, the battery may need to be charged, replaced, or jump started.

Step 4

Listen for any noises that may indicate a problem. Try to start the engine by turning the key to the start position. If you hear nothing at all, there could be an issue with a faulty ignition switch. If you hear clicking sounds when you attempt to start the Mini Cooper, there may be a problem with the starter. If the engine starts but sputters out, there is likely a problem with the fuel line, fuel filter, or fuel pump.

Step 5

Open the hood. Locate and check the the oil, transmission fluid and coolant levels. If the fluid levels are too low, the engine have problems starting. Make sure the fluid levels are between the minimum and maximum levels.

Step 6

Call a professional mechanic if your Mini Cooper still won't start. Tow or have it towed to a garage or dealership for further diagnostic tests and repair.