How to Merge Letters for Logos

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When used properly, letters can help to make your logo more effective.

Letters are not necessary when creating your logo, but they can play an important role when used properly. Most letters in logos are initials for the name of your company. If you decide to include these letters in your logo, you have choices on ways to merge them together to provide a more esthetically-pleasing look.


Step 1

Select the appropriate letters to be used in your logo. Consider options such as the product you may be selling, the name of your company or your own name. Decide which of these things you want the viewer to think of when they look at your logo.

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Step 2

Choose a typeface or style of letters. There are endless typefaces to choose from, so it is important to be sure that you have selected the right one. Choosing the wrong typeface could convey the wrong idea about your company. If you do not want to use an existing typeface, you can create an entirely new design instead.


Step 3

Select which letter strokes to merge. Each letter is made up of a series of strokes. Many letters have identical strokes which can be merged together, such as the letter H and the letter F. The stroke on the right side of the H is identical to the stroke on the left side of the F therefore these two letters could be merged by combining the right side of the H and the left side of the F. Some letters have almost-identical strokes. These are strokes that can be combined by making some small adjustments so they will fit together better. Also consider curved and angled strokes; there is a vast amount of stroke combinations that can be used to merge letters.


Step 4

Consider other methods of merging letters. Combining strokes is not the only way to merge letters. Removing strokes or removing parts of strokes can be an effective method of merging letters and it also provides a "stencil" look. Another method is to use negative space. By utilizing the area around and inside a letter you can merge letters in interesting ways that can hold a viewer's attention. Interlocking letters or using transparency to overlap letters are also effective merging methods.


Uppercase and lowercase letters have different appearances. Use these different appearances to your advantage by taking them into consideration.

Use color effectively. By coloring letters or parts of letters, you can make different areas of your logo stand out.


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