How to Use the Cricut for Vinyl Lettering Signs

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Things You'll Need

  • Cricut cartridge

  • Adhesive vinyl

  • Cutting mat

  • Transfer tape

  • Applicator stick

  • Sign base

The Cricut is a versatile die cut machine. Using cartridges with images and lettering the Cricut can make versatile and creative signs. Using vinyl for the sign lettering gives you a smooth adhesive medium to apply to walls, wood or even other pieces of vinyl. The vinyl can be removed without any damage to paint or finish. Vinyl comes in many different colors and can be purchased at your local craft store or through an online retailer.


Step 1

Insert the cartridge into your Cricut. Place the image keypad over the keyboard on your Cricut.

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Step 2

Turn your Cricut on and allow it to boot up completely.

Step 3

Place the vinyl onto your cutting mat, vinyl side up, aligning the corner with the direction arrow.

Step 4

Smooth any bubbles out of the vinyl with your hand.

Step 5

Load the vinyl into your Cricut by feeding the mat into the rollers until you feel resistance. Press the "Load Paper" button.


Step 6

Press the image or letters you want to cut on the Cricut keypad.

Step 7

Adjust the size of the images using the size dial located on the side of the machine.

Step 8

Adjust the blade depth to "6" by turning the dial on the blade housing.


Step 9

Adjust the pressure to "2" using the pressure dial located on the side of the machine.

Step 10

Press "Cut" on the Cricut machine. Allow the machine to cut out your images or letters. Press "Unload Paper."


Step 11

Remove the vinyl from the cutting mat carefully. The Cricut made a "Kiss" cut meaning it only cut through the vinyl not the backing.

Step 12

Place the vinyl on a flat surface, vinyl side facing up.


Step 13

Remove the uncut vinyl pieces, being careful to not remove the letters from the backing.

Step 14

Remove the transfer tape from its backing. Place the transfer tape sticky side down onto the vinyl.


Step 15

Use the applicator stick to brandish your letters or image. Rub the stick firmly over the entire transfer tape surface.

Step 16

Remove the transfer tape from the vinyl backing. The vinyl letters will now be attached to the transfer tape.


Step 17

Place the transfer tape onto your sign base. The base could be wood, vinyl or a plain piece of wall.

Step 18

Brandish the vinyl letter or image onto the sign base. Slowly pull the transfer tape off of the sign base or wall.


If the vinyl does not stick to the sign base, replace the transfer tape and brandish the letters again.


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