How to Clean Jade Plant Leaves

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Things You'll Need

  • Cloths

  • Dish soap

A type of succulent, jade plants have large, fleshy, deep green leaves. Prized as an indoor houseplant because of this attractive and interesting foliage, the plants also require only minimal care to thrive. The leaves do collect dust and grime, which doesn't just soil the plant's appearance, but also inhibits the leaves' ability to absorb light and oxygen, potentially leading to a decline in the plant's health. Cleaning the leaves properly prevents dust buildup.


Step 1

Moisten a cloth in lukewarm water. Use a soft, lint-free cloth, as abrasive sponges and cloths can scratch and damage the jade plant's leaves.

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Step 2

Wrap the cloth around the leaf, covering both the top and bottom surface. Wipe the leaf from the stem end to the tip, taking care not to apply so much pressure that you crush the leaf or pull it from the plant. Repeat for each leaf.


Step 3

Add 1 to 2 drops of nonscented liquid dish soap to a gallon of warm water, if the leaves have a greasy buildup on them that doesn't wipe off easily. Moisten the cloth in the soapy water.

Step 4

Wipe the leaves a second time with the soap solution, using the same method as before. Wipe down the foliage a third time with a new cloth and clear water, removing any soap residue from the leaves.


Dust jade plants every two to four weeks with a feather duster to prevent dust from building up in the first place.


Avoid leaf-shine products. These leave behind an oily residue that can clog the pores on the leaves.


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