How to Make Towers Out of Straws & Toothpicks

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A tower made of straws and toothpicks is an ideal solution if you're building a craft project such as a doll house or diorama, and need some towers to complete the look. The pliable plastic of the straws can be easily pierced by the toothpicks, allowing you to connect the straws to form a four-sided column post with minimal effort. The materials used are inexpensive to boot, making it a cost-effective project that can be created from items you already have on hand.


You can use toothpicks to connect plastic straws for a column craft project.

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Things You'll Need

  • 4 Plastic Drinking Straws

  • 20 Wooden Toothpicks

Step 1

Lay two plastic straws vertically and parallel to one another, about the same distance apart as the length of the toothpicks you're working with.

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Step 2

Insert five toothpicks in between the straws by poking the points at the ends of the toothpicks into the plastic of the straws, attaching the straws together in a sort of ladder pattern. Make sure the toothpicks are an equal distance apart from one another.

Step 3

Stick five toothpicks into the side of the left straw so that the toothpicks stick straight up when the ladder you made in step 2 is laying flat on a table. Lay another straw on top of these five toothpicks and poke the free point of each toothpick into the straw so it is attached, and you now have an L-shape made of three straws and 10 toothpicks.


Step 4

Stick five toothpicks into the side of this newest straw so that the toothpicks stick out over the first five toothpicks you used in creating the first ladder panel. Insert the open ends of these toothpicks into a fourth straw, so you now have a three-sided construction made of four straws and 15 toothpicks.


Step 5

Complete the four-sided column by sticking five toothpicks into the open side of the four-straw construction. You should now have a column that can sit upright, with the four straws vertical and the toothpicks horizontal.


Use colored toothpicks and straws for added decoration.



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