How to Set a Table for Dining Russian Style

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You can set a table for dining Russian style.
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Things You'll Need

  • Tablecloth

  • Service plate

  • Soup bowl

  • Fish, dinner and salad forks

  • Napkin

  • Service and fish knife

  • Soup spoon

  • Dessert spoon and cake fork

  • Bread and butter plate with butter knife

  • Water glass

  • White wine glass

  • Red wine glass

Russian style table settings are formal settings used for banquets, formal dinner events and in many fine dining restaurants. The table setting is distinctive and appealing. Dinnerware, glassware and flatware are placed precisely on the table. When a Russian style table setting is used, no courses are placed on the table. Waiters and waitresses, or servants serve each course at the table. As the course is finished, the settings used are removed.


Step 1: Position the Plates for Your Russian Style Service

Place the service plate, or dinner plate, 1 inch from the edge of the table. Place enough plates for each guest. After the plates are on the table, move the plates to the left or right so that there is equal distance between each plate for an attractive Russian style table setting.

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Step 2: Place the Soup Bowls on the Service Plates

Place the soup bowl on the service plate. If there is a soup plate with the soup bowl, the plate goes under the soup bowl on the service plate.


Step 3: Situate the Forks

Lay the salad fork next to the plate on the left side 1 inch from the plate and 1 inch from the table edge. Next to the salad fork, place the dinner fork and next to the dinner fork, place the fish fork. Each fork should have 1 inch between each. Forks should be even at the bottom.

Step 4: Square Up the Napkins

Place the napkin 1 inch away from the fish fork on the left side. The bottom should line up evenly with the bottom of the forks.


Step 5: Add the Knives and Soup Spoons

Place the service knife 1 inch from the service plate on the right side. Next to the dinner knife, place the fish knife 1 inch away and 1 inch from the fish knife, place the soup spoon. Silverware should be even with the edge of the plate and 1 inch from the table edge.

Step 6: Place the Dessert Silverware

Place the dessert spoon and cake fork at the top of the service plate directly in the center of the plate, but 1 inch from the plate.


Step 7: Line Up the Bread and Butter Plates

Set the bread and butter plate with the butter knife lying across the plate 1 inch above the forks on the left side of the service plate. The right side of the plate should be in line with the left side of the salad fork.

Step 8: Finish Your Russian Table Setting With Fine Glassware

Place the wine and water glasses next. The water glass is 2 inches up from the service knife. On the right one inch from the water glass, place the white wine glass. Place the red wine glass to the right of the white wine glass 1 inch away to complete your Russian table setting.



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