How to Change a Tube in a Snow Blower Tire

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Things You'll Need

  • Snow blower tire tube

  • 2 tire bars

  • Spray bottle of water

  • Air compressor with tire inflation attachment

  • Floor jack

A snow blower tire can become flat for a number of reasons and simply stop holding air. A bent rim may be the culprit and will have to be fixed or replaced. Change the tube inside the tire if the rim is not bent to fix the tire. The old tube may have a hole, be worn out or have a bad stem. Always remove the wheel from the snow blower machine before replacing a tube.


Step 1

Remove the tire from the snow blower per manufacturer's instructions with the jack. Remove the stem nut on the rim that is holding the tube stem in place.

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Step 2

Spray the tire and rim seal with oil and let it stand a few minutes. Slide one tire bar between the one edge of the wheel rim and the tire, near the stem. Pry the tire loose with the other tire bar by fitting it next to the first one and going around the circumference of the rim, prying it up and over the rim. It is not necessary to remove the tire from the rim, but one side must be pulled over the side of the rim to access the old tube.


Step 3

Reach inside the tire, take out and discard the old tube. Place the new tube in its place and stick the stem through the hole in the rim with you hand inside the tire. Place the stem nut back over the stem on the outside of the rim and tighten.

Step 4

Stretch the tire back over the rim with the tube inside with the tire bars. One bar will hold the tire out slightly while the second is brought around the circumference, sliding the tire bead back into place. Line up the edges of the tire along the edges of the rim.


Step 5

Attach the tire inflation nozzle from the air compressor onto the tube stem. Turn on the compressor and hold the tire against the rim with one hand while inflating the tire, making sure the tire and rim are lined up and the tire holds air.

Step 6

Spray water inside and outside the rim and tire seal. check for any leaks or air bubbles. Spray water around the inflation stem sticking out of the rim, looking for leaks. Verify there are no leaks and remount the tire, per manufacturer's instructions.


Use the pry bar or screwdriver to get the tire back over the rim and tube, as needed. Consult the owner's manual to find out what size tube you may need.


Always operate the air compressor and the snow blower in a safe manner.


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