How to Use a Sperry Analog Multimeter

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A multimeter is a tool used in electronics to measure a spectrum of different values, ranging from volts to ohms (resistance). The difference between an analog multimeter and a digital multimeter is that measurements from a digital meter are shown on a digital display screen, while an analog meter has a printed display scale of different electronic values that must be read.

Things You'll Need

  • 9-volt battery
  • 100-ohm resistor

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Simple Voltage Test

Power up your multimeter. Make sure the positive and negative test leads are attached.

Turn the multimeter to the voltage setting.

Place the positive end of the meter to the positive post of the nine-volt battery and the negative to the negative post. The reading will fall on nine volts if the battery is good.

Simple Resistance Test

Turn on your multimeter and make sure the leads are connected.

Switch to the resistance setting, which is measured in ohms.

Place the negative end of the meter to the 100-ohm resistor and place the positive end to the positive end of the resistor. If the resistor is good, the measurement will fall at approximately 100 ohms.


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