How to Calculate How Much Sand Is Needed for the Floor of an Above-Ground Pool?

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Things You'll Need

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  • Calculator

Calculate how much sand is needed for your above-ground pool installation.

If you plan to install an above-ground swimming pool, you will need to get the necessary amount of sand for the floor. The sand foundation is placed under the pool liner to help protect the liner from rocks and other sharp objects that can put holes it. The sand will also help prevent weeds from growing near the bottom of the pool, which can cause the liner to leak. You will need to calculate the amount of sand before you begin.


Step 1

Calculate the area of the base of your pool in inches. Most above-ground pools are round or rectangular. The area for a round pool can be found by multiplying 3.14 by the square of the radius of the pool. The radius is a line from the center of the pool to the outside edge. To find the area of a rectangle, multiply the length of the pool times the width.


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Step 2

Divide your results by 12 to calculate the square footage of the base of the pool.

Step 3

Multiply the square footage by 2. You will need the sand to be 2 inches deep underneath the liner. This will give you the number of square feet of sand you need to fill in the floor.


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