How Get New Key For a Buick Park Avenue

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Getting a new key for your Buick Park Avenue is a simple task, as long as you have a currently working key. If you don't have a currently working key, the procedure requires assistance from a Buick dealer, according to the Park Avenue's owner's manual. The Park Avenue has a GM Passkey, which has a built-in security chip. The key requires programming in order to start the engine.

Step 1

Visit the parts department at your nearest Buick dealership. Be sure to bring your current key with you. Ask the department to cut a new security key for you.

Step 2

Inspect the key closely. On the head, you should see the inscription "PK3." According to the Buick Park Avenue's owner's manual, this lets you know that the key is the right kind. Bring the key to your vehicle to prepare for programming.

Step 3

Insert your current key into the ignition. Crank the Buick's engine. Turn the key to "Off" and remove it.

Step 4

Insert the key you need to program within 10 seconds. Turn it to "Run." The "Security" light in your odometer window will turn on. When it turns off, the key is programmed. This may take a few minutes.


If you do not have a currently working key, you'll need the assistance of your Buick dealer. The dealer will be able to cut a key for you based on the vehicle's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). However, you won't be able to program the key yourself. The vehicle will have to be brought to the dealership for the key to be programmed with the dealer scan tool.

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