How to Wash Aprons

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Things You'll Need

  • Laundry detergent

  • Stain pre-treating solution

  • Chlorine bleach

  • Color-safe bleach

  • Mesh lingerie bag (optional)

Aprons are easy to launder.

It takes a little practice to learn the rules of the laundry game. You'll have a laundry catastrophe if you wash together the wrong colors or a 100 percent cotton T-shirt in a basin full of hot water. Clothes must be separated by colors, fabrics and even textures to be cleaned properly. With research, good laundry habits are easy to learn, and aprons are easily laundered if you follow a few simple tips and tricks.


Step 1

Separate white aprons from bright or darker ones. Intense colors (either very dark or bright) may bleed, particularly when washed for the first time, and should be washed alone or with like colors.

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Step 2

Tie each apron's strings together in a bow. The bow prevents the apron strings from twisting among other clothes or aprons. If you have a mesh lingerie bag, after you have pre-treated any stains, place the apron inside and close to further prevent tangling.


Step 3

Separate heavily soiled aprons from lightly soiled ones, remembering not to mix whites with brights or darks. Pre-treat the heavily soiled aprons with a stain-fighting solution and pre-soak on warm to lift the stain. After the apron has soaked for 30 minutes, add the remaining aprons or clothing and launder with detergent in warm water.


Step 4

Bleach white aprons with liquid chlorine bleach to restore the crisp whiteness of a new apron. Brightly colored or dark aprons are laundered using a color-safe bleach or oxygenated color booster to preserve fabric hues.

Step 5

Add liquid fabric softener to the rinse cycle so the apron will remain soft. If you prefer fabric softener sheets, add one to the dryer before starting the drying cycle.

Step 6

Dry the apron on the permanent-press setting and remove as soon as the dryer cycle ends.


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