How to Find the Model on an American Standard Toilet

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American Standard manufactures products for bathrooms and kitchens including toilets and faucets. There are many available toilet styles, colors and sizes from which to choose. Replacing toilet tanks, bowls and internal parts with original American Standard parts requires locating the model number on the toilet.


Step 1

Place one hand on each side of the toilet tank lid. Lift the lid straight off the tank. Place the lid upside down on a soft surface.

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Step 2

Look inside the underneath of the tank lid for a model number. The model numbers start with a four-digit number beginning with a 2, 3 or 4. There may be a decimal and three additional numbers.


Step 3

Observe the tank interior near the top for a model number.

Step 4

Replace the toilet tank lid aligning it with the tank.


Two-piece toilets have a model number that starts with a 4 in the tank or under the tank lid.

Some American Standard toilets have color codes embedded into their model number. This is helpful when replacing a tank or bowl on a two-piece model to obtain the correct color.


Handle a toilet tank lid with care so as not to chip or break the porcelain.

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