Homemade Fertilizer With Molasses & Epsom Salt

Molasses is a popular homemade fertilizer ingredient containing nitrogen, potassium and other trace minerals. The sugary substance also stimulates existing bacteria in the soil. Epsom salt can increase the plant's root health and production of vibrantly colored flowers. Gardeners can easily combine these two ingredients into a homemade fertilizer.

Molasses comes in liquid and powder form.

Things You'll Need

  • Watering can

  • 2 gallons water

  • Wooden spoon

Step 1

Fill a large watering can with 2 gallons of water.

Step 2

Add 1 tbsp. of Epsom salt and 2 tbsp. of liquid molasses. Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon until the salt and syrup dissolve.

Step 3

Pour a quarter of the container around the base of each plant you want to fertilize.

Step 4

Water the plant with a garden hose until the fertilizer soaks in and the soil settles.