How to Remove a Kohler Faucet Cartridge

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Things You'll Need

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Kohler faucet cartridge kit

Kohler manufactures a variety of faucets for both the kitchen and bathroom. One of the elements that sets Kohler's faucets apart from other manufacturers is the use of a faucet cartridge. These cartridges serve the same purpose as a valve stem in other faucets by allowing the water to flow out the faucet spout. Removing a Kohler cartridge from a faucet is simply a matter of removing a few faucet parts so that you can gain access to the cartridge.


Step 1

Turn off the water supply for the Kohler faucet in which you want to change the cartridge. The water supply valves are typically located underneath the faucet. Rotate the handle to the right to cut the supply.

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Step 2

Remove the faucet cap by prying a flat-head screwdriver underneath and popping it off. Remove the Kohler faucet handle screw with a Phillips head screwdriver.


Step 3

Remove the faucet trim ring, which is the metal ring that surrounds the faucet body.

Step 4

Unscrew the plastic faucet retention plate, which is the plastic piece at the top of the faucet that holds the cartridge in place. Remove and set aside.


Step 5

Pull the cartridge out by grasping the head with a pair of pliers. Twist the cartridge from side to side as you turn.

Step 6

Insert the new cartridge into the faucet.

Step 7

Replace the plastic plate and secure with the screws. Replace the trim ring and the handle. Secure the handle with the screw. Replace the faucet screw handle cap.

Step 8

Restore the water supply. Run the faucet for approximately 30 seconds to flush out the new cartridge.


Some Kohler faucet handles are held on with hex screws that need to be removed with an Allen wrench.


Always follow the specific instructions for your Kohler faucet model.


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