How to Make & Print Transfers on Balloons

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Things You'll Need

  • Printer

  • Printable balloon kit

  • Printable balloon kit software

Balloons are an essential element of any party, but customized balloons can be expensive and hard to find. What can you do if you want custom balloon designs without the prohibitive cost? Printable balloon kits are available that you can use to make custom balloons at home.

Step 1

Select the image you wish to print and transfer to the balloon.


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Step 2

Open the image with the printable balloon kit software. Printable balloon kits come with simple proprietary software which helps format the image for printing.

Step 3

Format the image using the printable balloon kit software so that it is ready for printing.


Step 4

Load a printable balloon into your printer.

Step 5

Print the image from the printable balloon kit software. Allow the ink to dry fully according to manufacturer's instructions before inflating.


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