How to Make a Lorax Costume

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Generations of readers have read and loved "The Lorax," created by Theodor Seuss Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss. Dressing up as the beloved character for Halloween or school productions, however, can be a tricky affair. But with a little ingenuity and imagination, a Lorax costume can be made without breaking the bank or harming the environment. The Lorax himself would certainly approve.


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Step 1

Identify the traits of the Lorax that are instantly recognizable and essential to creating the character. The Lorax is known for its bright orange fur, as well as its bushy yellow whiskers. The Lorax is also a rotund creature, so you will not want your costume to be skintight. You will want to incorporate these elements into your costume and begin searching for fabrics in these colors and textures. You do not necessarily have to start from scratch--floppy, oversized orange sweatshirts, sweats and basketball shorts can all be good anchor pieces for your Lorax costume.


Step 2

Study the Lorax and see what associations you can draw between other common figures and images. Walrus costumes have similar mustache silhouettes and are available for purchase on a variety of websites. Make sure to remove any tusks. Dye or paint can be applied to white walrus mustaches to mimic the jowls of the Lorax. Long, fake costume mustaches are also adaptable to the Lorax; simply fan them out with a comb, apply a light coating of yellow spray paint, and shellac or pomade into place. Make sure to let painted mustaches dry thoroughly before wearing to avoid contamination from the paint.


Step 3

Combine your costume elements and evaluate your look. The ideal Lorax will have a round, somewhat slouchy silhouette, punctuated by a burst of yellow whiskers. Make sure to wear your hair slicked back, or tuck it under the hood of your sweatshirt. To further emphasize the silhouette, choose orange pants with a tapered leg, or basketball-style orange shorts over orange tights. Apply your yellow mustache and confine other makeup to bright orange foundation, if desired. If you are worried that your costume might be too arcane or unrecognizable, use poster board to make a sign that says "The Lorax," using the book's cover as a design guide.


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