How to Make a Lorax Costume

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Generations of readers have enjoyed ‌The Lorax‌ by Dr. Seuss. The Lorax is a kind and lovable fellow who strives to protect our environment and always speaks for the trees. If you're passionate about nature, a DIY Lorax costume may be the perfect Halloween costume for you! With a little guidance and ingenuity, you can create a DIY Lorax costume without spending a lot of time or money.


Pick the Lorax Characteristics

Think of costume ideas by considering traits of the Lorax that are instantly recognizable to you and essential to creating the character. You might want to do a quick search of ‌The Lorax‌ online for his photo to refresh your memory of his image and friendly character.


Video of the Day

The Lorax's bright orange fur, bushy yellow whiskers and rotund figure are a few of his well-known features that you'll want to consider when creating your costume. If you can find inexpensive, ready-made facial features for the Lorax at the craft store, that's great; if not, it's easy to make your own.


Create the base of the Lorax costume

The ideal Lorax will have a round, somewhat slouchy silhouette that you'll want to emphasize with your clothes. You don't need to make everything from scratch—a floppy, oversize orange long-sleeve T-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie along with a pair of sweatpants or basketball shorts over orange tights or leggings can easily be good anchor pieces for your Lorax costume.


Create the face of the Lorax

Although the Lorax doesn't wear glasses, having an inexpensive pair of bright yellow sunglasses can provide a base to attach his bushy whiskers and eyebrows. If these are plastic glasses you won't be using again, you can gently pop out the lenses so you can see better, especially if you plan on wearing your costume while out in the dark on Halloween.


You can easily make bushy yellow whiskers using cotton or acrylic yarn or yellow craft foam. If using foam, cut the top portion into a wide "M" shape. The bottom can be jagged to resemble whiskers. When you're finished, attach the yarn or foam to the bottom of the sunglasses using a hot glue gun.


The eyebrows can be made from yellow yarn too; just make sure they're full and bushy. You can also use yellow craft foam that will align with the upper shape of your glasses. Glue the eyebrows to the top of your sunglasses but make sure they don't interfere with your vision.

You can slick back your hair or tuck it under the hood of a sweatshirt. If you're worried that your costume might be unrecognizable, use poster board to make a sign that says "Lorax" using the book's cover as a design guide. You can carry it with you so everyone knows that you are indeed the Lorax!


Add the Finishing Touch to Your DIY Lorax Costume

Combine your Lorax costume elements and evaluate your look. If you want to add one more special touch, you can attach a large, colorful pompom to the end of a striped paper straw and voilà—you'll have a cute little truffula tree for you to carry, and you'll be good to go!



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