How to Make a Key for a Chevrolet Truck

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Things You'll Need

  • Original key

  • Blank key

Make a quick copy of your key.

Extra vehicle keys are very important to have. They can be used when you lose the original key, or can be handed out to family members. It is always smart to have more than one key per vehicle because you never know what is going to happen. Having additional copies of your keys made can be done quickly. You will be glad you did when you find yourself in a bind.

Step 1

Take the original truck key and go to your nearby drugstore or grocery store. Both of them should have a key kiosk.

Step 2

Match the subject key to the correct template key that will be getting cut. There are many types of sizes of keys, so before you can actually cut the new one, you will have to find the right shape/size.

Step 3

Hand the two keys (original and blank) to the store associate. He will then trace the original with the key-cutting machine as the blank key gets shaved down.

Step 4

Take your new key and brush it off with the steel brush. This gets all the shards of metal off and prevents any kind of sliver or cut.

Step 5

Insert the new key into the keyholes on the outside doors of your vehicle as well as your engine. Test it out to make sure that it is a good fit.

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