How to Attach a Dremel Flex Shaft

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Dremel is a rotary tool that has many available attachments creating a variety of uses. One example is the flex-shaft attachment, which connects to the head of the Dremel. This attachment allows the user to hang the tool, which gives the user more control over the tip of the tool by eliminating the weight of the tool's body. This is useful for engraving, working in tight spaces and even applying acrylic nails. The head of the flex-shaft attachment connects to the Dremel in just a few quick steps, so it is quickly available for use.


Step 1

Unscrew the nose cap from the end of the Dremel by twisting it to the left. Once completely unscrewed, remove the cap by sliding it off the end of the tool. Place the cap off to the side in a safe place. The nose cap is also referred to in some places as the housing cap.

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Step 2

Press and hold the collet lock button. It is the blue button located near the head of the Dremel. The collet lock button will keep the head of the Dremel locked, enabling you to remove the nut.


Step 3

Keep the collet lock button depressed and twist the collet nut to the left to remove it. Place the nut to the side. Grip the collet and pull firmly to remove it from the Dremel.

Step 4

Insert the drive nut in place of the collet. The drive nut is a nut that has a square hole. It is also sometimes called a driver cap.


Step 5

Tighten the nut using your fingers. Twist the nut to the right until it stops easily moving. Be careful not to over tighten as this will strip the threads of the nut.

Step 6

Thread the attachment through the nut and tighten the outer housing.


Place the pieces you remove in a plastic bag so they are readily available when you need them.

The rotary tool needs to be placed above the flexible shaft.


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