How to Make a Solar System Poster Project

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Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Poster board

  • Various colors of construction paper

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Pencil

  • Paper

  • Markers

Use poster board to make a solar system project.

Create a simple representation of the solar system that introduces the planets and their order from the sun. Making a poster of the solar system encourages kids to conduct research and learn more about the physical characteristics of each planet. Along with learning more about the solar system, children will hone their writing and researching skills, along with their creativity.


Step 1

Research the solar system online. Determine the positioning of the planets and their size relation to each other.

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Step 2

Make a list with a pencil and paper of the planets and their recognizable characteristics. Along with listing basic information about the planets, include little-known interesting facts.


Step 3

Create the sun at the center of the poster. Use scissors to cut out a circle from yellow construction paper. Glue the circle in the center of the poster board.

Step 4

Use a pencil to sketch orbit lines for each planet moving around the sun. Refer to your research for placement of the planets. Go over the pencil lines with a black marker.


Step 5

Determine interesting characteristics for each planet, such as Saturn having rings and Mars being red. Use construction paper and markers to create each planet along with their visual markings. Think about representing the planets in a way to properly show their size in relation to the other planets.


Step 6

Position each planet in their proper location along their orbit line around the sun. Glue each planet onto the poster board in a position so they are not touching or overlapping another planet on the poster.

Step 7

Cut out small shapes from construction paper to create the planets' moons and glue them onto the poster by their respective planets.


Step 8

Label each planet with a black marker.

Step 9

Create the other items that are found in the solar system, such as the asteroid belt. Use small cut-out pieces of construction paper to represent the small bits of space matter and position them in the correct location between Mars and Jupiter.


Step 10

Write the interesting information discovered while researching each planet on the bottom of the poster so that others can read it and learn more about the solar system.

Step 11

Display the solar system poster in a location for others to see.


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