DIY Freestanding Pegboard Display

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Pegboards with hooks hang items vertically to save space too.
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Things You'll Need

  • Four pegboards, each 24 x 32 inches

  • Two cans of spray paint

  • 13 hook-and-loop fastener strips

  • Four #6 S-hooks

  • Adjustable garment rack (collapsible, with only one rack for hanging clothing)

  • Decorative duct tape

When selling jewelry and other items at craft shows, you need a good collapsible pegboard to display each piece to its best potential. Quick to make and inexpensive, this pegboard display is perfect for beginning crafters.


Step 1: Paint the Two Pegboards

Spray paint all four pegboards. One can of spray paint will provide good coverage for two pegboards. Spray continuously from side to side in rows until the entire board is covered. Allow the first coat of paint to dry and then spray a second coat of paint onto the boards to provide complete coverage.


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Step 2: Fasten the Tops of Two Pegboards Together

Place two pegboards against one another. Count seven holes down on the left side of the stacked boards. Pull the hook-and-loop fastener through the seventh holes on both pegboards and fasten together. Leave about 2 inches of leeway in the ring of the fastened hook-and-loop fastener.

Step 3: Fasten the Bottoms Together

Count seven holes up from the bottom of the left sides of the two pegboards. Pull another hook-and-loop fastener through the seventh hole and secure, the same way you did in step 2. Open up the two stacked pegboards book-style.


Step 4: Add Strips to Upper Left of Each Board

Count four peg holes inward from the top left side of both boards. Pull two hook-and-loop strips through each of these fourth holes. Leave the hook-and-loop fasteners open. Repeat this step from the top right side of each pegboard.

Step 5: Assemble the Rack

Assemble the freestanding garment rack according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Step 6: Hang the Pegboards on the Garment Rack

Hang the two pegboards you have prepared on the garment rack. Wrap the four open hook-and-loop fastener strips on the tops of the pegboards around the garment rack to secure. If you feel that more support is needed, wrap a few more hook-and-loop strips around the tops of the pegboards and the garment rack. Extend the garment rack to its full height.


Step 7: Stack and Secure

Stack the last two pegboards together. Count down seven peg holes on the left sides of the boards and then pull a hook-and-loop fastener strip through the seventh hole. Secure the strip with about 2 inches of leeway. Count up seven peg holes from the bottom on the left sides of the boards and then secure with another hook-and-loop strip through the seventh peg hole. Open the pegboards as you would a book.


Step 8: Add the S-Hooks

Hang the four S-hooks along the bottom sides of the two pegboards you have hanging on the garment rack. Two S-hooks per pegboard should work. Count in four peg holes from each side and hang an S-hook in the fourth holes.

Step 9: Assemble Your DIY Pegboard Stand

Hang the two remaining pegboards that you have left from the S-hooks in the two pegboards already attached to the garment rack. Slide the bottom pegboards onto the S-hooks one at a time. You may want someone's help in holding the pegboards while you hang your DIY pegboard stand.


Create an attractive border around your DIY pegboard stands with patterned duct tape. Just remember to poke holes in the duct tape at the appropriate places for hanging the pegboards.


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