How to Cut Multiple Images With the Cricut

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Things You'll Need

  • Cricut cartridge and keyboard overlay

  • Paper, vinyl or other cutting material

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

A Cricut machine is a versatile die-cut machine capable of creating letters, numbers and other images for signs, scrapbook pages and various craft projects. Cut multiple images with the Cricut to assist in quick assembly of your projects. Images are cut to the selected size desired, as long as the size fits within the grid of the cutting mat. Make greeting cards or gift tags in one sitting by cutting all the images needed at one time.


Step 1

Insert your chosen image cartridge into the cartridge slot. Place the keyboard overlay on the keyboard.

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Step 2

Cut a sheet of paper, vinyl or other cutting material to fit within the grid on your cutting mat. Use a ruler and scissors for this step. Place the cut material on your cutting mat. Press it down with your hands to adhere it to the tacky surface of the cutting mat.

Step 3

Place the cutting mat on the Cricut deck and press against the rollers. Press the "Load Paper" key. The cutting mat will feed into position and stop.


Step 4

Select the height of your images using the size dial on the right hand side of the machine. This and all other selections will display on the screen. Select the image you are cutting by pressing the image key on the keypad. Press the "Quantity" button. Adjust the number of images desired by pressing the plus or minus key.

Step 5

Press the "Cut" key. The screen will show the number of cut images as it cuts your material. When the Cricut machine has fed the entire cutting mat and stops cutting, check the display to see if the amount of images selected have been cut. If they have not, this means they would not all fit on one sheet. Press the "Unload Paper" key, remove the cut images and reapply a new sheet of material to the cutting mat. Reload the cutting mat and press "Cut". The Cricut will resume cutting the remaining images selected.


To determine the blade depth for the cutting material you will be using, run a test cut on a scrap piece of the same material before setting up to cut your images.