How to Heat Set Fabric Markers

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Things You'll Need

  • Ironing board

  • Iron

  • Sheet of 8-inch by 11-inch paper

Iron fabric marker designs to heat set them.

The options for creating unique designs are plentiful when fabric markers are used on garments, bags or pillows. Fabric markers enable people without sewing skills to make beautiful embellishments without using thread. A fresh fabric-marker design must be heat set to prevent it from running or fading.


Step 1

Turn the clothing inside out and place it onto the ironing board.

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Step 2

Set the iron to a cotton heat setting without steam and allow the iron to heat up.

Step 3

Place the sheet of paper over the marker design and iron it. Glide the iron back and forth continually over the area for four minutes.


Step 4

Remove the paper and allow the fabric to cool completely.

Step 5

Reposition the paper to another area, if necessary, and repeat the same process until you iron every area of the design.

Step 6

Allow the fabric to cool completely and then turn the fabric right side out.


Wash garments with fresh designs separately in cold water three times to avoid taking special laundering precautions in the future.


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