How to Remove Pool Pump Impellers

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Things You'll Need

  • Pliers/ratchet set

  • Screwdriver

The impeller is the heart of a pool filter.

When it comes to maintaining a clean pool, you must have a properly functioning pool filter in addition to the right mix of chemicals. If the pool filter stops working, it is impossible to keep the pool clean. The impeller is the heart of the pool filtration system. It creates the suction that draws the water from the pool into the filter. If it becomes defective, you must repair or replace it.


Step 1

Shut off and unplug the pool filter.

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Step 2

Disconnect the pool pump from the filter. This includes removing all hoses attached to the pool pump.

Step 3

Remove the pump filter basket assembly from the rest of the pump. The impeller is located right behind the pump basket, so you have to remove the basket to access the impeller. Remove the pump filter assembly by removing a series of bolts located around the circumference of the pool pump using a ratchet set. As you remove the bolts, place each bolt and associated nut in a safe place so you'll have them when it's time to reattach the pump assembly.


Step 4

Take the back housing off the pool pump motor by unscrewing the small screws.

Step 5

Reach into the back of the motor to locate the nut holding the impeller screw in place. Navigate the area carefully so you don't accidentally disconnect any wires.


Step 6

Hold the nut in place with the pliers and unscrew the impeller. Depending on how long the impeller has been in place, it may take a bit of pressure to remove the screw while holding the nut in place. Once you remove the screw, you can remove the impeller.


Unless you’re comfortable working with motors, you should have a pool professional remove the impeller.

Although you can access the front of the impeller by removing the pump basket assembly, you cannot reach the nut on the other end of the screw that holds the impeller in place. In order to access the nut, you must enter through the back of the pump motor housing.


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