How to Replace a Side View Mirror on a Rav4

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The Toyota Rav4 is a popular mid-sized SUV first introduced in Japan in 1994. In 1996, the Rav4 appeared in America and quickly won the "Driver's Choice Award" given by "Motor Week" magazine. With its increasing popularity, more and more shade tree mechanics are working on these vehicles in their driveways. Toyota did not stray very far from the mold with the RAV4's side view mirrors, and the procedure for replacing them is similar to most other vehicles.

Step 1

Crank the Toyota Rav4's engine and turn the mirror all the way to one side with the control switch. This pushes one end of the mirror slightly out of its plastic cover.

Step 2

Squeeze your fingers between the cover and the end of the mirror sticking out of the cover. Press your thumb against the front of the mirror and pull the mirror off the electric motor mount. The mirror has four large retaining tabs that squeeze around a small ball on the top of the mirror motor.

Step 3

Adjust the mirror motor so the ball on top of the motor is in the center. If the mirror were still on, it would be flush with the surface of the mirror cover.

Step 4

Place the new mirror into the cover and line up the tabs with the small ball on the motor. Push the mirror mounts around the ball by pressing on the mirror itself.