How to Make a Taffy Puller

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Things You'll Need

  • Motor with a port for accessory attachment (such as an electric mixer)

  • 2 anodized aluminum rods, 3 feet long, 1 1/2 inch diameter

  • Aluminum rod for stationary arm, 3 feet long, 1/2 inch diameter

  • 2 wooden boards, 24 inches

  • 4 wooden boards, 17 inches

  • 4 pillow block bearings, 1/2 inch

  • 2 pillow block bearings, 3/4 inch

  • 12 shafts of aluminum rod, 3/4 inch diameter

  • 2 sprockets, 1/2 inch

  • 2 sprockets, 3/4 inch

  • 20 wooden screws, 3/4 inch

  • Bicycle chain

  • Power drill

Make taffy with ease with a homemade taffy puller.

Taffy is a candy made by stretching and pulling a soft mixture of sugar, fats, flavoring and food coloring. The candy is then cut and rolled and kept in wax paper so it remains soft. A homemade taffy puller simplifies the process of pulling the candy mass.

Step 1

Construct the frame to hold the motor. Connect the two 17-inch boards to one 24-inch board at both ends using a power drill and screws so the frame forms an open rectangle. Screw together the other two 17-inch boards to the 24-inch board 10 inches from each end. Finally attach the 24-inch board to close the structure and stand it up: it should resemble a small bookcase.

Step 2

Bend the rods and attach them to the shelf. Bend the stationary rod in the middle at a right angle, then bend the protruding part in the middle at a right angle. This rod should look like an angled hook. Mark the moving rods into thirds. At each of the two marks, bend the rods at 45 degrees.

Step 3

Attach the rods to the shelf with bearings and sprockets. Attach the stationary rod to the top middle of the shelf with the back of the pipe lined up with the back of the shelf, and with the hook pointing down. Attach the moving arms to second the shelf from the top with the backs of the pipes lined up with the back of the shelf. Make sure the moving arms are each 6 inches from the sides of the shelf they're closest to, with at least 5 inches between them.

Step 4

Loop the chain over the moving arms that stick out so the chain creates a figure eight. Attach the electric mixer on the second shelf closest to the bottom with the sprockets and screws. Fit the shaft into the accessory port on the mixer and fit the chain over the shaft.

Step 5

Plug in the mixer and turn it on; the figure eight chain should turn the moving arms in different directions to pull the taffy and loop it around the stationary arm.