Step By Step Instructions to Cover a Wood Box With Fabric

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Things You'll Need

  • Wood box

  • Ruler

  • Fabric

  • Cotton roll batting

  • Craft glue

  • Hot glue gun

  • Hot glue stick

  • Scissors

A fabric-covered wooden box can hold your knitting supplies or personal treasures.

If you have an unused wooden box that you do not think looks very attractive, you may not know what to do with it. One solution is to cover the box with a beautiful fabric to make it look more presentable. Once you are finished covering the box with fabric, you can transform the simple box into an elegant display piece that you can use to hold personal treasures or love letters.


Step 1

Measure each side of the box and write the measurements down.

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Step 2

Measure the height of the box and write the number down.

Step 3

Cut out a piece of fabric that measures the combined length of the measurements you took and the height measurement plus 1 inch.


Step 4

Insert a hot glue stick into the hot glue gun and plug the gun into the wall outlet. Let the glue heat for five minutes.

Step 5

Squeeze a line of glue around the bottom perimeter of the sides of the box.


Step 6

Squeeze a second line of glue around the top perimeter of the sides of the box.

Step 7

Wrap the fabric around the sides of the box, stretching it taut against the glue.

Step 8

Allow the glue to cool and harden, which takes about 2 minutes.


Step 9

Squeeze a line of hot glue around the top inside perimeter of the box.

Step 10

Fold the top of the fabric over the sides of the box and onto the glue.

Step 11

Allow the glue to cool and harden.


Step 12

Apply craft glue to the top of the box lid.

Step 13

Place a piece of cotton roll batting onto the glue.

Step 14

Drape a piece of fabric over the top of the lid that measures 1 inch wider on all sides than the measurements of the lid itself.


Step 15

Squeeze a line of hot glue around the inside perimeter of the lid.

Step 16

Fold the fabric on the lid under the lid and onto the hot glue. Allow the glue to cool and harden.

Step 17

Place the lid onto the box.


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