How to Write a 50th Birthday Speech

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When celebrating the 50th birthday of a friend or loved one, you want to make sure everything goes perfectly before, during and after the party. A main part of the celebration may be speeches or toasts about the guest of honor. If you've been invited to give one of these speeches, then you should write out what you want to say beforehand. You may end up improvising a little on the big day, but actually writing the speech will help you remember what you want to say and can also make you less nervous come speech time.


Step 1

Keep your 50th birthday speech about three minutes in length. This is plenty of time to say something special, but not so long that the other guests start to get bored.

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Step 2

Start your speech off with a brief introduction of who you are and how you are related to the guest of honor. You should also thank everyone for being there with you to celebrate.


Step 3

Fit the main part of your speech to complement the personality of the guest of honor. If the person has a sense of humor, throw in a funny anecdote or joke. If the person is more old fashioned and traditional, stick with a heartwarming and cheerful speech that focuses on their good qualities. Always include something about how much the person means to you and perhaps also how they have positively impacted your life.


Step 4

End your speech by asking that all attendees raise their glasses to or applaud the guest of honor, depending on what's appropriate.


Step 5

Practice your 50th birthday speech before the big day. This will help you remember it and could also calm your nerves. Practicing in front of another person a few times will be most effective.

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