How to Reset the Breaker in a Suzuki LT80

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The Suzuki LT80 is an all-terrain vehicle that features a two-stroke 82 CC engine, fully independent front suspension, variable speed automatic transmission and 19-inch tires that will allow you to navigate harsh terrain. The Suzuki LT80 was manufactured between 1987 through 2006 and is designed for riders age 12 and up. If you are having problems engaging the electric starter on your Suzuki LT80, you may need to reset the electronic protection breaker to restore power to the starting system.

Step 1

Examine the inside of the right fender, above the rear axle.

Step 2

Locate the small black square shaped circuit breaker underneath the right-rear fender.

Step 3

Press the small red button mounted on top of the black circuit breaker to reset the system.

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