How to Fasten a PVC Pipe to a Concrete Pipe

There are a number of different materials that are used in outdoor plumbing for sewers. Concrete pipe is common and so is plastic pipe made from PVC. However, there are a number of different techniques for attaching concrete pipe to PVC, because specific prep work is needed to make these two different materials work together. It may be cheaper or easier to use only one material, but using an amalgamation may be just the right solution for your home.

Connecting PVC pipe to concrete pipe requires special preparation.

Things You'll Need

  • Concrete adhesive

  • PVC glue

Step 1

Make sure that the concrete pipe is the female end of the connection. There may be a PVC connector inside the concrete pipe and if there is you can simply connect the PVC pipe to the connector. If not then you'll need to take additional steps.

Step 2

Prepare the outside of the male end of the PVC pipe. The PVC primer glue should be a purple substance. Place the PVC into the concrete pipe and turn it 1/4 to the right and hold the pipe there until it's dry.

Step 3

Place concrete putty or sealant around the PVC pipe where it joins the concrete pipe. If there is a PVC female end inside the concrete pipe that you've formed a seal to, then this isn't necessary. Placing the putty around the pipe will form an extra layer of protection regardless, provided that you get the proper materials. The description of the sealant should say whether or not it can be used for this sort of joint.