How to Replace the Ignition Switch in a 1992 S10 Chevy Truck

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Things You'll Need

  • Ratchet and socket set

  • Hand wrench set

  • Replacement ignition switch

  • 3/32-inch drill bit

The ignition key opens security tumblers in the lock, allowing you to activate the ignition switch.

Many people are under the misconception that the ignition key starts the engine. As is the case on the 1992 S10 Chevy pickup, the ignition key is simply the theft-deterrent device. Once the key is inserted into the lock cylinder, the tumblers open; you turn the key and this sends an electrical charge from the ignition switch to the ignition coil. From there, all the electrical components are electrically activated. When the ignition switch becomes faulty, a wide variety of symptoms may manifest themselves, including not being able to start the S10 or the engine continuing to run after the ignition key has been removed.

Step 1

Open the hood of the S10 and disconnect the black negative battery terminal clamp and wire from the negative battery post. Isolate the clamp so it does not come back into contact with the post during the repair.

Step 2

Remove the lower steering column panel with the ratchet and a socket to remove the retaining bolts. Do not place the ignition key in the ignition before you do this.

Step 3

Remove the steering column bracket retaining bolts with the ratchet and a socket and then rest the steering steering wheel/column assembly on the driver's seat.

Step 4

Remove the washer head screw and the hexagon nut from the steering column assembly using the ratchet and socket or a wrench.

Step 5

Disconnect the wire harness from the upper end of the ignition switch and then remove the two ignition switch retaining nuts from the steering column, using a hand wrench.

Step 6

Disconnect the dimmer switch assembly from the column and then remove the retaining stud holding both the dimmer and ignition switch to the rod.

Step 7

Remove the ignition switch from the actuator rod and then unplug the electrical connections of the ignition switch wire harnesses to remove it.

Step 8

Reinstall the replacement ignition switch by reversing the removal procedure. When reinstalling the dimmer switch to the column, place a 3/32-inch drill bit into the hole on the dimmer switch. Align the switch to the column and then push it against the actuator rod to secure it in place.


The replacement ignition switch will come with a plastic pin locking the switch in the off/lock position. Do not remove the pin until the ignition switch and steering column are reassembled. Otherwise you risk misaligning the the key to electrical contact position.

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