How to Hang Up a Call in Humor

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Learn how to end a phone call humorously.

We've all been there: The person on the other end of the phone will not stop talking, and you need to know how to hang up a phone call politely without hurting the person's feelings. There are many clever ways to hang up the phone, and using humor to come up with funny ways to end a phone call can be very effective. Not only can they end the call efficiently but both parties can end it with a smile.


Funny Ways to End a Phone Call

There are many ways to end conversations, whether they be in person, by text or on the phone. There are some funny ways to hang up the phone. If you're in a casual situation rather than a professional one, you could say, "Well that's all I have for today. Is there anything else we need to cover?" You can also yell, "K, GOTTA GO, BYE!" and then hang up, but this may run the risk of hurt feelings.


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Another less offensive option is to tell the person that you have your shoes on and wallet in hand and are halfway out the door. If you don't find it offensive, just tell the person that you really need to go to the bathroom because you had chili for lunch. Who can argue with that?

Additional Funny Hang-Up Options

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Pet owners can get away with saying that Fluffy is demanding attention or Fido needs to go for an emergency walk. These believable excuses are universally acceptable and are kind of cute and funny as well.


There are even more funny ways to end a phone call, such as "Let me call you back. I have to close these cabinets." You can also record a short video of yourself saying "bye" and waving and send it to the person with whom you are speaking.

Another idea is to jangle a pair of keys to let the person know that you are late for a meeting or appointment. The hardest part about these funny ideas is to time them the right way, though. If you rudely interrupt the person, the humor will surely be lost.


How to Hang Up a Phone Call Politely

When attempting politeness, whatever you say should be short and to the point and should show some appreciation for the person. You can make a fake excuse, kind of like telling a white lie, but do not go overboard. Telling someone that something is burning or boiling over in the kitchen is an old one that people do not really believe anymore.



Instead, you can tell the person that your battery is about to die or that you need to start dinner. Other believable excuses include telling the person that you have to go to an appointment or explain that you are driving.

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If you tell the person that you have another call coming through, it may not be believable because there is usually a clicking sound if the call is on a landline. This could work on cellphones, though. You can also say something like, "Well, I won't keep you any longer. Let's talk again soon." To end things on a positive note, add something to stroke the ego, such as, "It's been great talking to you."



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