How to Remove Melamine Paint

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Things You'll Need

  • Mineral spirits

  • Rag

  • Nylon brush

  • Melamine solvent

  • Vegetable oil

Store solvents in air-tight containers that are labeled well.

Melamine paint is a urethane reinforced paint that has an oil base. This paint was originally designed to cover melamine surfaces, which are very slippery. Because of this, melamine paint is more tacky than most other paints and it adheres well to difficult surfaces. This has made the paint popular in applications where the surface is slippery and adhesion is a challenge. As the popularity of the paint grows, many paint companies are including melamine in other types of paint to improve their performance. When melamine is used in your home, it becomes necessary to clean it up or remove it from unwanted surfaces. This is easy with the right products.


Step 1

Apply mineral spirits to a rag and wipe the paint off. The mineral spirits will dissolve and loosen the paint. If necessary, scrub briskly with a brush to loosen the adhesion between the paint and the surface.

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Step 2

Remove melamine paint blends with melamine specific solvents recommended by the paint manufacturer. Because melamine is incorporated into other paint mixtures, the solvents used to break down the paint may vary from product to product. Use a rag or a brush to apply the solvent and wipe until the paint is removed.


Step 3

Apply vegetable oil liberally to the hands or skin if there is melamine paint present. The oil will assist in reducing the adhesion of the paint to the skin and allow you to lightly scrape the paint off.


Store your used solvent in an air-tight container that is clearly marked. Dispose of the container, paint and rags by contacting your local disposal company. These items are considered volatile chemicals and it is often illegal to dispose of them down the drain, in the sewer or in regular garbage.


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